Add custom Tibetan font in wordpress

This method requires you to add code to your WordPress theme files. If you haven’t done this before, then flow step by step.

1 – Create a child-theme ( Why you should create child theme ? )

2 – Download the preferred font. If you don’t know where here is the collection of fonts you can download  click here 

3 – Upload your font’s file to your theme’s folder Which is like this : your font here

4 – Once the file is in place, open up your child theme’s stylesheet. Now you’ll need to call on that font so you can use it, via a snippet that should look like this:

@font-face {

      font-family: ‘Monlam Uni Uchen’;

      font-style: normal;

      font-weight: normal;

      src: url(;


Please note the font family name, theme name, URL above are placeholders, which you’ll need to replace with the right information.

5. Once you’ve entered this code. You still need to configure which elements will use the new font.

In this example, ‘Monlam Uni Uchen’ would be the name you use in your stylesheet for the file.
‘/fonts/monlam.ttf’ would be the actual name of the font file that you uploaded.

Then, in your stylesheet:

.h1 site-title {

font-family: “Monlam Uni Uchen”;


In this example, we’re configuring our H1 subheadings to use the new font. However you can replace that with any other element you want, or multiple elements if you’d like to use the font in more than one place.

If you want to add this font to the entire site (If your entire site is in Tibetan)then you can do like :

body {

    font-family: “Monlam Uni Uchen”;

    font-size: 150%;



* Important :

When you create the database for the WordPress, select the collation and also the connection, as utf8_general_ci
Then all your content will be saved in unicode format.

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